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  给外国朋友当导游的朋友们注意了,下面为大家整理了苏州水上游英文导游词,希望对您有帮助~  苏州水上游英文导游词  Good afternoon, everyone.  The place we have to visit at noon today is the water upstream of the ancient city of Suzhou. Suzhou is not only a historical and cultural city, but also an oriental water city. It is known as “Oriental Venice” by Mark, a famous Traveler in Italy. For thousands of years, and Suzhou forged a puzzled water source of Suzhou, surging Yangtze River in the northern Suzhou sea, Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale in Suzhou province around the city, Taihu, is a wide expanse of mist-covered waters of Yangcheng Lake, lake and other lakes, such as neon star. Water is the soul of Suzhou, the ancient city of Suzhou, because of the moisture of the water, shows “small bridges, water, peoples beautiful and delicate.”  Ladies and gentlemen, we are now at the confluence of the ancient town of river and the Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale ring, surrounded by the river is the land area of 14.2 square kilometers of the ancient city of Suzhou, Beijing Hangzhou the Grande Canale is known to the world, from the north through the west side of Hanshan Temple to Suzhou City, to the time here, turn to the south corner, across the front the bridge has been to Chinese another paradise – Hangzhou. Please see, the water is wide, it is the throat of Beijing – Hangzhou the Grande Canale South Zhejiang, and north is the east ring River. You see, Southeast of the river, there is a small two bridge, the new bridge to find a small call, call the ancient bridge to find. There was no bridge before the Yuan Dynasty, and the people on both sides of the Taiwan Straits had to rely on the ferry only. So here is the ship home to extort passers-by, once there is a call and to repair is still being repeatedly blackmail, very angry, and then everywhere to collect funds to raise funds, finally build the bridge. Before the bridge called off the bridge, then why is it called “bridge to find”? In the Suzhou dialect “death” and “search” is a homonym, and later evolved into a bridge to find. We see a group of bronze disc River: do is to respect the monk, a woman carrying a burden, seems to be eager to call waving hands boatman, and the boatman in the water, as if is to hear the cry, but he would like the opportunity to blackmail, this statue vivid speak the scene at the time. Is the bridge to find a typical Suzhou ancient bridge, it has been nearly 70 years of history. When the full moon night Haoyuedangkong, Dong reflection and the moon to side by side, “Mi Du moon” is a great beauty of the moon.  We see that the wall in front of the wall, 225 meters long, 8 meters high, the gate is also set up a 9 meter high double turrets, this spot is called red door light shadow. In 514 ad King Lu life construction minister Wu Zixu Lu cities, a total built eight seat and gates, here is the original site of the red door, this wall we see now was restored in 2004. Suzhou is the only one after two thousand years still remain in the original site of the ancient city of the ancient city of Suzhou in spring and autumn, what is the charm? Please climb the boat, please. I will introduce you slowly.  Because of the convenience of Suzhou water, a long time ago, the ancient city of the ancient city has become a bulk commodity, such as building materials, cotton, cocoon and other commodities. From the beginning, flour, tile, porcelain, silk, cotton and other tin factories are built on the side. In the early twenty-first Century, in order to restore the historical features of the ancient city, the government of Suzhou carried out a thorough renovation of the ancient city of the city. How did it be done? Let the factories and houses on both sides of the two sides move away and repair some of the city walls. They planted a large area of flowers and trees on both sides of the Taiwan Straits, and become the ancient city and scenery belt that we saw today.  Dear visitors, there is a river in front of the bridge across the south, called Nanyuan bridge. The evening of April 16, 2004, in the south near the bridge of South River Chinese was held at the Suzhou International Tourism Festival opening ceremony. After the bridge, is located in the main road, Renmin Road, Suzhou people bridge, it is a corridor bridge, also hidden in the 16 pieces of exquisite relief, such as fortification hegemony, style of precision, each pair of skilled craftsmen, relief the full display of the history and culture of Suzhou. After the peoples bridge, you look at the Carrefour supermarket next to you. You may wonder, this is just an ordinary supermarket. What good is it? In fact, here is Suzhous last champion Lu Runyangs sulun cotton mill, which witness the birth of national industry in Suzhou. Later in 1919 by the Shanghai spinners sue a man named Yan Yutang bought, Yan Yutang also founded the koyu primary school, built dormitories, and funded the construction of the seat in front of the Yu Tong bridge.  The front of the Panlong bridge, Wu door in front of the bridge is one of the three pan door. Wu Bridge, Suzhou is the highest existing single hole stone arch bridge, which was built in the Northern Song Dynasty Yuanfeng period, what we see now the bridge is built with granite in 1872. Because the disc door is when is Suzhou south gate, Front Gate, so the bridge named “Wu Bridge” for everyone to see, the towering pagoda called Burghardt tower. Burghardt tower was built in 247 BC, is said to be the thirteen stupa during the Three Kingdoms period, Sun Quan in order to repay her mother built. Now we see the tower is the Northern Song Dynasty reconstruction, reconstruction of tower 53.57 meters high, seven pavilions of brick mixed structure tower. He is a typical Southern Song Dynasty, the tower also has found the precious cultural relics, are now kept on display at the Suzhou Museum, if you are interested can take a look.  Right in front of the water gate is the door plate, the plate gate is when is one of the eight city gates in the spring and Autumn period, “Lu cities”. You see, there is the water gate, the two gates of water and land, and the gate of Lu Cheng in the north of the gate of Shuicheng.  【翻译】  各位游客,大家中午好!  今天中午我们要游览的地方是环苏州古城水上游。苏州不仅仅是一座历史文化名城,也是一座东方水城,他被意大利著名的旅行家马克.波罗称为称为“东方威尼斯”。千百年来,水与苏州结下了不解之源,苏州奔腾不息的长江在苏州北部奔流入海,京杭大运河在苏州境内绕城而过,烟波浩渺的太湖,阳澄湖、尚湖等湖泊星如棋布。水是苏州的灵魂,苏州古城因为有了水的滋润而呈现出“小桥、流水、人家的美丽精致。  各位游客,我们现在位于环古城河与京杭大运河的交汇处:环城河所包围的陆地就是面积为14.2平方公里的苏州古城,举世闻名的京杭大运河,是从北经寒山寺西侧流向苏州古城区,流到这里的时候,向南转了个弯,穿过前面的桥,一直流到中国的另一个天堂―杭州。大家请看,这里的水面宽阔,是京杭大运河南下浙江的咽喉,向北就是东环城河。大家看,河的东南面,有一大一小两座桥,大的叫新觅渡桥,小的叫古觅渡桥。元代之前这里是没有桥的,两岸的老百姓来往只能靠渡船?所以这边的船家常借此敲诈过往行人,有一次有一个叫和敬修的尚在被多次敲诈后,非常的气愤,于是下便到处化缘集资筹款,最后建造了这座桥。以前这座桥叫灭渡桥,后来又要为什么叫“觅渡桥”?在苏州话中“灭”和“觅”是同音,后来才演变成觅渡桥。大家看河边有一组铜像:盘做的呢就是敬修和尚,有一个女子拎着包袱,似乎在急切的摆手招唤船家,而船家将手放在水边,好像在是听不见叫声,其实他是想乘机敲诈一笔,这幅雕像生动的讲述了当时的情景。觅渡桥是一座典型的苏州古桥,距今已近有70  多年的历史了。每当月圆之夜皓月当空,桥洞的倒影和月亮的到相映成趣,“觅渡揽月”是赏月的绝佳美景。  大家看一下前方的那段城墙,城墙长225米,高8米,城门上还竖起了一座高9米的双层角楼,这处景点叫赤门牒影。公元514年吴王阖闾命大臣伍子胥建造阖闾大城,一共建了八座水陆城门,这边原来是赤门的遗址,大家现在所看到的这座城墙是2004年修复的。苏州是全国唯一一座历经两千余年仍然保留在原城址上的春秋古城,那苏州古城究竟有什么魅力呢?各位游客请登上小船,待会小张我会慢慢地给您介绍。  因为苏州水上便利,很久以前环古城风光带就成为了建材、棉花、蚕茧等大宗商品的集散地。从近代开始,面粉、瓦房、钿瓷、缫丝、棉纺等工厂都建在边上。21世纪初,为了恢复环古城的历史风貌,苏州政府对环古城河进行彻底的整治,怎么整治的呢?让两岸的工厂,人家搬走,对部分城墙进行维修,两岸种植了大面积的花木,行成了今天我们所见到的.环古城风光带。  各位游客,前面有座横贯南环城河的桥,叫做南园桥。2004年4月16日晚上,在南园桥旁的南环城河上举行了中国苏州国际旅游节开幕式。经过南园桥后,是位于苏额主干道人民路的人民桥,它是一座廊桥,桥洞里还藏着16幅精美的浮雕,例如筑城争霸、学风蔚然,能工巧匠等,每一副浮雕都充分的展示了苏州的历史文化。过了人民桥,大家看旁边的家乐福超市。也许您会纳闷了,这不过是一个普普通通的超市罢了,有什么好看的呢?其实,这儿原是苏州最后一名状元陆润痒所办的苏纶纱厂,它见证苏州民族工业的诞生。后来1919年苏伦纱厂被上海一个叫严裕棠的人买下,严裕棠还创办了光裕小学,修建了职工宿舍,并出资建设了前面这座裕棠桥。  过了前面的蟠龙桥,前面的就是蟠门三景之一的吴门桥了。吴门桥,是苏州现存最高的单孔石拱桥,它建于北宋元丰年间,现在我们所看到的桥是1872年用花岗石建造的。因为盘门是当是苏州的南门、正门,所以把这座桥取名为“吴门桥”大家看,那座高耸的宝塔叫做瑞光塔。瑞光塔始建于公元247年,据说是三国时期孙权为了报答母亲的养育之恩所建的十三级舍利塔。现在我们所看的塔是北宋重建的,重建后塔高53.57米,为七层楼阁式砖木混合结构塔。他典型的江南宋塔,在塔内还曾发现了珍贵的文物,现在保存陈列在苏州博物馆内,大家如果有兴趣可以去看一下。  右前方的是盘门的水路城门,盘门是当是春秋时期“阖闾大城”的八座城门之一。大家看,那边就是水门,水陆两门并进,而陆城门在水城门的北面,城门并不大,分内外两重,之间设有瓮城,也就是一块空地,可以原来藏几百名士兵。如果敌人来了,把两座城门一关,正好来一个瓮中之鳖。城墙上还设有垛口,射孔,炮洞等古代城市的防御措施。两门之间还有暗道相通,各自还设有巨大的闸门,另外用盘车来提升或关闭闸门,控制往来的行人和船只,能够有利得防御敌人,坚守城门。大家如果有空的话可以去看一下。现在我们看到的城楼是1986年重建的,两岸的城垣建于1351年,水陆城门在全国这有这一座了,著名的建筑学家陈从周教授就曾对盘门有:“看长城之雄,南看盘门之秀”的赞誉。由此可见,盘门可以和长城相媲美。  看完秀丽的盘门三景,我的讲解也结束了,谢谢大家。
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