House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-Calif.) lectern has been returned, but the man who allegedly took it during the Capitol riot last week has been mock-immortalized in a portrait by actor and political artist Jim Carrey. (See it below.)

Investigators say Adam Christian Johnson, 36, of Parrish, Florida, was the ski-capped man caught in photos carrying off the lectern in the Capitol rotunda as he waved. Charges against him include theft of government property and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

According to Carrey’s caption, he’s ”#fuckedforlife.”

— Jim Carrey (@JimCarrey) January 13, 2021

The “Sonic the Hedgehog” star replaced the “45” in Johnson’s Trump knit hat with a skull and crossbones, but that wasn’t his most noteworthy embellishment in the work, posted Wednesday.

Look carefully at Johnson’s hand holding the lectern: It’s got six fingers. Twitter users want to know why. Johnson appears to have five fingers in the photos circulating, so was it a statement, a mistake, or is Carrey just messing with his us?

Haha y he got six fingers?

— Olly smalley (@mrsecrets26) January 14, 2021

Is that an extra pinky on that hand? Lol

— Born Against Christian (@ChrisChrome13) January 14, 2021

Why does he have 11 fingers though?

— Mornay Heydenrych (@mornayhey) January 14, 2021

I love you but that fucking hand man, how many thumbs does this motherfucker get?!

— Pine Vinyl (@PineVinyl) January 14, 2021

6 fingers, huh?

— smallbutmighty (@small__mighty) January 14, 2021

Why why the fuck does he have an extra finger?

— Anomabinia (@Radiodonta) January 14, 2021

Oh shit, JC is giving us a secret message in this painting. Notice how he has 6 digits on his left hand, the guy is exactly 6’ tall, and that’s the 6th lectern Pelosi has had since she’s been in office. It’s the mark of the beast! 666! JC must be CIA black site operative.

— Jolkien Rolkien Rolkien Tolkien (@ryanspowerbook) January 14, 2021

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