Amtrak heightening security after its largest union calls to ban rioters from trainsVideo

At least 25 cases of domestic terrorism opened after Capitol Hill riot

A federal murder probe has also been opened into the death of Capitol Hill Officer Brian Sicknick; Fox News contributor Joey Jones weighs in.

Amtrak is responding to the largest union of rail workers calling for heightened security in Washington D.C. ahead of Inauguration Day travel.

Amtrak, in an internal statement to the Transportation Communications Union (TCU) obtained by Fox News Thursday, said it has “dedicated a significant number of officers from around the country to support these events.” The D.C.-based railroad company did not say whether it would utilize the “no-fly” list in screening passengers or deny ticket sales, a spokesperson for the TCU said.

Amtrak heightening security after its largest union calls to ban rioters from trains

Amtrak responds to union demands for heightened safety on trains ahead of Inauguration Day. (iStock)

“Amtrak is committed to make sure [Amtrak Police Department] has the resources needed to provide police officers for our stations, trains and right of way,” the statement said.  “We are meeting extensively with the Secret Service and the MPD here in Washington and have a contingent working in Wilmington as well. Our commit and partnerships are strong, and we have their total support, recognizing that the tempo of planning and threat profile continues to increase and evolve, especially in light of events last week.”


The TCU, which represents around 35,000 people working in the transportation sector and around 6,100 on Amtrak, urged Amtrak to utilize the “no-fly” list in screening passengers and deny ticket sales to those individuals in a statement released Monday.

“We must not let our nation’s trains or DC’s Union Station – with its surrounding grounds and proximity to the Capitol – become the site of, or aid in, another historically tragic event. We must be prepared for all situations, and hope for the best,” TCU National President Artie Maratea said in a statement.

The urgency to prohibit violent protestors from railways comes after flight attendants demanded the pro-Trump rioters be banned from planes.

It’s unclear if, or how many, Pro-Trump rioters took trains into D.C. last week.


The news comes as President-elect Joe Biden canceled plans to take Amtrak to his Inauguration Day due to concerns over safety risks, the Associated Press reported Wednesday, signaling heightened risk for potential threats in D.C.

The FBI has warned of several political events planned by violent extremist groups posing safety threats in the days leading up to Inauguration Day on Wednesday in wake of the U.S. Capitol riot.