CHENGDU, China, Oct. 26 (Xinhua) — With all 12 players scoring, Dongguan beat Shaanxi 83-69 in the ninth round of the Women's Chinese Basketball Association (WCBA) league, while Shanghai won over Shanxi 83-79 here on Monday.

Dongguan led for much of the game and was hot from the start. Yang Shuyu scored 11 points just in the first quarter and helped Dongguan set a 25-12 lead before the second quarter. Dongguan widened the advantage to more than 20 points after Zhang Dongxia's 3-pointers and won the game.

Yang Shuyu pocketed 16 points for Dongguan, who also got help from Zhang Dongxia's 12 points. Shaanxi's Yu Jiarui scored a game-high 15 points but didn't make any difference to the final result.

Shanxi started the match with a 6-0 edge before Shanghai went on a 14-2 run and came back to take the lead. Shanghai lost their groove in the second quarter and Shanxi narrowed the gap to 40-42 before the second half.

The game was decided in the last minute. Li Yingyun made two free throws and put the game out of suspense.

Li scored 22 points while Pan Xuemei added 21 for Shanghai. Wu Tongtong of Shanxi pocketed a game-high 24 points and Liu Jiacen added 18 points.

Elsewhere, Fujian trounced Tianjin 78-69. Enditem