China has signed 59 extradition treaties with 25 countries after the country signed the treaty with Belgium and Cyprus on a NPC Standing Committee meeting recently.

Fifty fugitives have been delivered through “Skynet” operation, which was launched in 2015 by central anti-corruption coordination group, aiming to repatriate fugitives who committed crimes of corruption, embezzlement and bribery in China but fled to other countries.

In July 2016, Huang Haiyong, who is suspected of committing offense of smuggling and evading over 700 million yuan of tax, was extradited from Peru after 18 years, becoming China’s first fugitive to be repatriated from a Latin American country.

In November 2018, Yao Jinqi, former deputy head of Xinchang County in Eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, was extradited from Bulgaria in accordance with the China-Bulgaria Extradition Treaty, the first time that China has extradited a civil-servant suspect from a member state of the European Union.